Steel EPS Sandwich Panel

  • Prefabricated Eps Sandwich Wall Panel

    Prefabricated Eps Sandwich Wall Panel

    Product Advantage: EPS Sandwich Panel has the advantages of beautiful atmosphere, energy saving and heat preservation and long life.It is widely used in cold storage room, fresh storage room, various purification rooms, air conditioning room, steel structure workshop, fire prevention workshop,...

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  • Galvanized Steel Plate EPS Sandwich Panel

    Galvanized Steel Plate EPS Sandwich Panel

    Features: 1.Heat and sound insulation. Temperature suitable for eps sandwich panel ranges from -200 centigrade to 150 centigrade. 2.Waterproof, anti-corrosion, good chemical resistance, insect-free etc. 3.Advanced Tech: Automatic Italian rolling machines make the whole process of manufacture...

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  • Color Steel EPS Sandwich Panel

    Color Steel EPS Sandwich Panel

    Product Description: EPS sandwich panel performance full as the unique properties of EPS material, with high effect for water-resistance, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and other aspects. 2. Characteristic: 1.Nonflammable. Little shrinkage under ultra-low tempearture, not brittle....

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  • EPS Polystyrene Sandwich Panel for Warehouse

    EPS Polystyrene Sandwich Panel for Warehouse

    EPS Polystyrene Sandwich Panels for Warehouse have been used for commercial construction in the past 50 years. They are made when three separate elements are “sandwiched together” to form one structure.

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  • Galvanized Sandwich Roofing Sheets for House

    Galvanized Sandwich Roofing Sheets for House

    Purification workshop, temporary office, gymnasium, villa, mobile building, guard booth etc. It is widely used for the wall and roof of steel building.

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  • EPS Sandwich Panel

    EPS Sandwich Panel

    Eps sandwich panel is suitable for the various roofs and walls referring to the large-size factory buildings, storages, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, freezing stores, purifications workshops, garage, shop, etc,

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  • Foam Sandwich Panels

    Foam Sandwich Panels

    Foam sandwich panel has excellences of light weight(1/20-1/30 of concrete), heat insulation, rapid construction speed(operate withouthumidity and needn't repeated fitment). It is a new type protection structural material, congregates bearing, heat preservation and water resistance. The raw...

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  • Interior Cladding Panels

    Interior Cladding Panels

    Interior cladding panel and its manufacturing process is one the most advanced inventions, which in the factory automation equipment, Eps and steel into a whole, thus changing the way of the EPS plate before the compound required site, under the premise that meet the...

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  • Polyurethane Insulated Panel

    Polyurethane Insulated Panel

    We are professional manufacturer of Walk-in cold rooms for the food processing industry, refrigerated warehouses, commercial cold rooms, industrial refrigeration and marine refrigeration. After more than ten years development ever since 2001, there is 180 staff now, including 28 technicians. Our...

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  • Light Steel Color Sandwich Panel

    Light Steel Color Sandwich Panel

    The Light Steel Color Sandwich Panel produced by XIAMEN zhongjingtai has many advantages, such as energy saving, heat preservation, flame retardation, fire prevention, sound insulation, noise reduction, environmental production, beauty and quick construction.

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  • Sandwich Panel Roof

    Sandwich Panel Roof

    Feature of sandwich panel roof 1. Easy and quick to install; 2. Excellent load and span capabilities; 3. Significant savings in site installation costs; 4. Panel comes in a range of aesthetically pleasuring colors; 5. Energy saving thermal insulation; 6. Superior air tightness for controlled...

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  • Sandwich Panel Walls

    Sandwich Panel Walls

    Sandwich panel walls called EPS Sandwich Panel, comprised of pre-painted steel sheets continuously laminated over a fire retardant treated Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core. The EPS core, whilst having a fire retardant additive is not fire rated. EPS Sandwich Panel can be used in horizontal or...

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